The Houston Sessions: Bam Bam and Holly {NY Dog Photographer}

Bam Bam and Holly are best friends, just like their humans.  Holly may be the smaller of the the pair,  but don't let that fool you.  Bam Bam is a gentle giant and Holly is a little fire plug and full of vim and vinegar!  They will play tug of war forever!  They sound so vicious while this play is going on but no one gets hurt except the poor pull toys.  I am sure these need to be replaced on a regular basis!

Bam Bam is such a beautiful Rottie!  I love his long hair and deep brown coloring and the way he leans into you so you will pet him.  I fell in love.  

More on Miss Holly later.  She was my roommate for my time in Houston.  Again, I fell in love.