9 months

Sibling Love {Long Island Children's Photographer}

Oh how I adore these two!  Always fun in the studio when they are here.  Big sis was a Year One baby and now it is her little brother's turn.  He is now sitting and on the verge of crawling.  One of the best times to capture in that all important first year of life!

The Year One Collection is designed to record your baby as a newborn, between 6 and 9 months when they can sit on their own but still not crawling, and around their 1st birthday, where we might just capture their first steps?  All the magic of the first year captured and presented in a beautiful album, art canvas and in gift prints.  The Year One Collection is the ultimate gift for new parents that will be treasured for a lifetime.  Using our Baby Registry is a wonderful way for family and friends to contribute to this most meaningful of baby gifts.  Please contact the studio for details.


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