baton rouge

Louisiana Days: Brrrrr!

Thank goodness Miss A is a pro and handled the really chilly overcast weather like a champ.  The next day of course was warm and beautiful but we had the day we had and managed to create some beautiful images.  Thanks to A for being such a good sport!

She has had quite a few years of training!  We have been doing annual photography sessions since she was 16 months old and she is now 10!  Where does the time go?  She is growing up from a beautiful baby to a beautiful young girl.  I miss you LB! 

Louisiana Days: The Dog Park

Olive and I are on day 5 of our annual pilgramage to Louisiana to work with clients and spend some R and R with family and friends.  It has been wonderful to escape the endless winter we have experienced in the Northeast.  

Today we met one of my dear friends from high school at the dog park that she takes her beautiful Labradoodles.  The big beautiful boy splashing around in the pool is her fun loving Blue.  I wish we had a dog park in our community at home.  It is wonderful to watch so many dogs off leash, running, playing and just being dogs.  The Forest Community Park was terrific.  

Here are a few of the new friends that Olive made today.  The tiny Chihuahua is Gemma aka "Little Bit".  I fell totally in love with her.  She was so tiny that little Olive seemed like a giant.  The very poised Schnauzer is Tootsie.  One of the most photogenic dogs I have ever met!

I think we will be making another trip here before we head home.