Year 7, or is it 8 with the J Family {Connecticut-Long Island Family Photographer}

This session is the first of three upcoming families that are all related and have been with me since I first opened my business.  They truly feel like family.  I can't wait to see them every year and marvel at how much they have grown over the years. 

It started with big brother P when he was the only child.  We met in Central Park and the session was magical.  Then came the twins but unfortunately they had moved south because of a company transfer.  Happily that didn't last and they were back before the twins turned two.  Then came baby H.  Oh baby H is such a charmer and isn't a baby anymore! 

Mom and Dad, thanks so much for allowing me to spend this time with you over the years and create memories for you and I both to treasure forever.  

And, thanks a million for the beautiful birthday flowers!

The Beautiful H Family {Long Island's Family Photographer}

The best part of my job is that we get to meet some of the most wonderful people.  The H family fits perfectly into that description.  I adore them.  They are kind, loving to one another and just plain delightful to be around.   

As usual, this family had chosen the perfect clothing for an exciting family portrait.  This is a perfect example of using color effectively.  The navy, green, orange and white provided the perfect pop without distracting from the family.  Nice job mom! Of course you know what they say about assuming!  Maybe dad chose the wardrobe.  :)

Stephanie Massey Photography
Stephanie Massey Photography
Stephanie Massey Photography
Stephanie Massey Photography
Stephanie Massey Photography
Stephanie Massey Photography

A Rainy Day in Montauk {Long Island Children's Photographer}

This beautiful family with 2 sisters and their cousin was a session done on a family vacation in beautiful Montauk, NY.  It was also a gift for the girls grandfather and the only day the session could be done turned out to be a grey rainy day.  Thankfully the beautiful house they had rented had huge windows and great overhangs on the decks outside.  It also stopped raining for a little while before we were done and we hurried outside to get a few images on the beautiful lawn.  It wasn't easy but I think we got some wonderful images!  Life as it happens...



Sibling Love {Long Island Children's Photographer}

Oh how I adore these two!  Always fun in the studio when they are here.  Big sis was a Year One baby and now it is her little brother's turn.  He is now sitting and on the verge of crawling.  One of the best times to capture in that all important first year of life!

The Year One Collection is designed to record your baby as a newborn, between 6 and 9 months when they can sit on their own but still not crawling, and around their 1st birthday, where we might just capture their first steps?  All the magic of the first year captured and presented in a beautiful album, art canvas and in gift prints.  The Year One Collection is the ultimate gift for new parents that will be treasured for a lifetime.  Using our Baby Registry is a wonderful way for family and friends to contribute to this most meaningful of baby gifts.  Please contact the studio for details.


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