Individual Identical Twins {Long Island Family Photographer}

Every year I am amazed at how much "my" kids grow.  This year when I saw the B twins walking off the ferry from CT, I was shocked.  My little girls are now beautiful young women.  They have certainly grown from the cute little toddlers I met 12 years ago!

We had a lovely visit and our annual dinner at the wonderful Fifth Season restaurant after our session and before mom and the girls hopped back onto the ferry to head home.   Such a lovely day!



Year 7, or is it 8 with the J Family {Connecticut-Long Island Family Photographer}

This session is the first of three upcoming families that are all related and have been with me since I first opened my business.  They truly feel like family.  I can't wait to see them every year and marvel at how much they have grown over the years. 

It started with big brother P when he was the only child.  We met in Central Park and the session was magical.  Then came the twins but unfortunately they had moved south because of a company transfer.  Happily that didn't last and they were back before the twins turned two.  Then came baby H.  Oh baby H is such a charmer and isn't a baby anymore! 

Mom and Dad, thanks so much for allowing me to spend this time with you over the years and create memories for you and I both to treasure forever.  

And, thanks a million for the beautiful birthday flowers!