What could be cuter than a Pug? {Long Island Dog Photographer]

Meet Kaworu, one sweet puppy!  He is named for a Japanese fictional character.  He was so much fun and a bit of a challenge to photograph.  Black dogs are not the easiest to photograph but they also provide a great opportunity to create spectacular images for the same reason.  Of course the other challenge is Kawrou is a puppy, and like 2 year old children, like to move around almost continuously!

Michelle and I were fortunate enough to experience a wonderful 3 day workshop by the great Rachel Hale.   We knew that a black pug puppy was booked for the studio this week so we were delighted that one of the demonstrations she did was with a black pug puppy on a black background.  This is not something we had done before so we were excited to give it a try with Kaworu.  We are delighted with the results!


Little Harley

Isn't it amazing how quickly a puppy can make you happy? Steph and I had the pleasure of having this sweet Yorkie in the studio. We absolutely adored all of his expressions, his long legs and his great hair. He has beautiful coloring! He also has this little tail that wiggles a mile a minute. We could not stop smiling.